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  • Waterhole No. 3
  • (1967)

Runtime: 95 min

Directed by: William A. Graham

Rating: 6.5

Status: Released

Tagline: This is the West as it really was. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!

Overview: "Waterhole No. 3" is a new movie by William A. Graham that was released in 1967.

James Coburn is a con man and grifter who comes across a map that leads to a fortune in stolen US Army gold. Carroll O'Connor is the crooked sheriff who stays on Coburn's tail.

Best actors like Bruce Dern, Carroll O'Connor, Claude Akins, James Coburn, Margaret Blye and Timothy Carey starred in Waterhole No. 3.

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Bruce Dern
Bruce Dern
as Deputy Samuel P. Tippen
Carroll O'Connor
Carroll O'Connor
as Sheriff John H. Copperud
Claude Akins
Claude Akins
as MSgt. Henry J. Foggers
James Coburn
James Coburn
as Lewton Cole
Margaret Blye
Margaret Blye
as Billee Copperud
Timothy Carey
Timothy Carey
as Hilb

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