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  • Das Bernsteinamulett
  • (2004)

Runtime: 180 min

Directed by: Gabi Kubach

Rating: 5.8

Genre: Drama

Status: Released

Overview: "Das Bernsteinamulett" is a new drama movie by Gabi Kubach that was released in 2004.

Summer of 1944. Young baroness Barbara is getting married. Her husband, Alexander, leaves to the war and disappears after giving Barbara the amber amulet as symbol of their love. Soviet soldiers, commanded by Major Belyaev are placed in the estate of Barbara parents. Barbara falls in love with a Russian officer.

Best actors like Merab Ninidze, Michael von Au, Muriel Baumeister and Nadeshda Brennicke starred in Das Bernsteinamulett.

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Merab Ninidze
Merab Ninidze
as Michael Belajew
Michael von Au
Michael von Au
as Alexander Reichenbach
Muriel Baumeister
Muriel Baumeister
as Barbara Reichenbach
Nadeshda Brennicke
Nadeshda Brennicke
as Elisabeth Markwitz

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