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  • A Novela das 8
  • (2012)

Runtime: N/A

Directed by: Odilon Rocha

Rating: 6.8

Status: Released

Overview: "A Novela das 8" is a new movie by Odilon Rocha that was released in 2012.

Best actors like Alexandre Nero, André Ramiro, Claudia Ohana, Mateus Solano and Vanessa Giácomo starred in A Novela das 8.

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Alexandre Nero
Alexandre Nero
as Brandão
André Ramiro
André Ramiro
as Sérgio
Claudia Ohana
Claudia Ohana
as Pedro
Mateus Solano
Mateus Solano
as João Paulo
Vanessa Giácomo
Vanessa Giácomo
as Amanda Lima

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