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  • Lange Flate Ballær
  • (2006)

Runtime: 97 min

Directed by: Bjørn Fast Nagell

Rating: 5.6

Genre: Comedy

Status: Released

Overview: "Lange Flate Ballær" is a new comedy movie by Bjørn Fast Nagell that was released in 2006.

Six guys from Norway go on a trip to Germany to cheer on Norway in the world Championship of football. But it isn't easy to put their normal life aside, not even for football.

Best actors like Anders Fjell, Eirik Tobiassen, Frode Lie, Jan Edgar Fjell, Kai Helge Hansen and Petter Jørgensen starred in Lange Flate Ballær.

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Anders Fjell
Anders Fjell
as Øyvind
Eirik Tobiassen
Eirik Tobiassen
as Karsten
Frode Lie
Frode Lie
as Freddy
Jan Edgar Fjell
Jan Edgar Fjell
as Edgar
Kai Helge Hansen
Kai Helge Hansen
as Kai
Petter Jørgensen
Petter Jørgensen
as Petter

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