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  • Didn't Do It For Love
  • (1998)

Runtime: 81 min

Directed by: Monika Treut

Rating: 5.2

Status: Released

Overview: "Didn't Do It For Love" is a new movie by Monika Treut that was released in 1998.

DIDN'T DO IT FOR LOVE is a documentary portrait of Eva Norvind, a.k.a. Mistress Ava Taurel, born Eva Johanne Chegodaieva Sakonskaya in Trondheim, Norway. The film follows Eva's many careers, from her time as a showgirl in Paris to becoming Mexico's Marilyn Monroe in the 1960s to establishing herself as New York's most famous dominatrix in the 1980s. Using clips from Norvind's Mexican films, stills from various periods, and interviews with friends, partners and family, Treut's documentary traces Eva's search for the wellspring of her obsessive and dark sexuality.

Best actors like Eva Norvind starred in Didn't Do It For Love.

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Eva Norvind
Eva Norvind

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