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  • Autumn Blood
  • (2013)

Runtime: 100 min

Directed by: Markus Blunder

Rating: 8.1

Genre: Drama , Thriller

Status: Released

Tagline: Blood runs thicker than water

Overview: "Autumn Blood" is a new drama and thriller movie by Markus Blunder that was released in 2013.

High in the mountains, a widowed mother dies, leaving her two children alone and orphaned. Fearing being split up they keep their mother's death a secret. They survive together until the mayor's son and his friends brutally destroy their innocence when they assault and rape the girl. A social worker from a distant city arrives to investigate, but ultimately it is the siblings who must come of age to protect each other and survive.

Best actors like Gustaf Skarsgård, Maximilian Harnisch, Peter Stormare, Samuel Vauramo, Sophie Lowe and Tim Morten Uhlenbrock starred in Autumn Blood.

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Gustaf Skarsgård
Gustaf Skarsgård
as The Buthcer
Maximilian Harnisch
Maximilian Harnisch
as The Boy
Peter Stormare
Peter Stormare
as The Mayor
Samuel Vauramo
Samuel Vauramo
as The Hunter
Sophie Lowe
Sophie Lowe
as The Girl
Tim Morten Uhlenbrock
Tim Morten Uhlenbrock
as The Friend

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