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  • El gran simulador
  • (2013)

Runtime: 76 min

Directed by: Nestor Frenkel

Rating: 7.5

Genre: Documentary

Status: Released

Overview: "El gran simulador" is a new documentary movie by Nestor Frenkel that was released in 2013.

Documentary about René Lavand, the world famous Argentine magician specializing in card magic that makes his dreams with only the help of his left hand, losing the right in an accident as a child. Far from being defeated by such a circumstance, Lavand obsessively practiced from childhood to achieve complete mastery of the deck and be recognized as one of the greatest magicians in history.

Best actors like Diego Santos, Nora Gómez, Rene Lavand and Rolando Chirico starred in El gran simulador.

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Diego Santos
Diego Santos
Nora Gómez
Nora Gómez
Rene Lavand
Rene Lavand
Rolando Chirico
Rolando Chirico

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