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  • The Lottery Changed My Life (TV)
  • (2009)

Runtime: 60 min


Rating: 8.1

Genre: Reality

Status: Ended

Overview: "The Lottery Changed My Life" is a new reality TV series that was released in 2009.

Stories from the winners of lotteries, usually seen from the "underclass" to the lottery millionaires..

List of All Episodes
[ Season 1 ]
Number Title Aired On
S01E01 Lottery Changed My Life
S01E02 Lottery Changed My Life II
S01E03 Lottery Changed My Life III
[ Season 2 ]
Number Title Aired On
S02E01 Wiccan Millionaire 2009-08-06
S02E02 Doorman Millionaire 2009-08-13
S02E03 Millionaire Bachelor 2009-08-20
S02E04 Tee Pee Millionaires 2009-08-27
S02E05 Janitor Millionaire 2009-09-03
S02E06 Millionaire Trucker 2009-09-10
[ Season 3 ]
Number Title Aired On
S03E01 Streetsweeper Millionaires 2010-08-15
S03E02 Island Dreamers 2010-08-29
S03E03 Country Millionaire 2010-10-09
S03E04 Workaholic Millionaires 2010-10-14
S03E05 Mega-Mansion Millionaires 2010-10-16
S03E06 Teenage Millionaire 2010-10-21
[ Season 4 ]
Number Title Aired On
S04E01 Race Car millionaire 2011-10-27
S04E02 Most Eligible Millionaire 2011-10-24
S04E03 Sheriff Millionaire 2011-10-31
S04E04 Millionaire Bride 2011-11-07
S04E05 Big Jackpots, Big Changes 2011-11-14

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