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  • Simsala Grimm (TV)
  • (1999)

Runtime: 25 min


Rating: 8.1

Genre: Animation , Children , Fantasy

Status: Ended

Overview: "Simsala Grimm" is a new animation, children and fantasy TV series that was released in 1999.

In each episode of this series, one of the famous classical fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm is told in the magical land of Simsala. The local characters Doc Croc and Yoyo move between the story-teller and the episode cast, which they tend to help or at least inspire. Each episode begins with Doc Croc and Yoyo as toys on a shelf brought to life by a magical book with the Brothers Grimm in the hardcover..

List of All Episodes
[ Season 1 ]
Number Title Aired On
S01E01 The Brave Little Tailor 1999-11-01
S01E02 Tom Thumb 1999-11-02
S01E03 Hansel & Gretel 1999-11-03
S01E04 The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats 1999-11-04
S01E05 The Devil's Three Golden Hairs 1999-11-05
S01E06 The Six Servants 1999-11-08
S01E07 The Master Thief 1999-11-09
S01E08 Rapunzel 1999-11-10
S01E09 King Thrushbeard 1999-11-11
S01E10 The Meaning of Fear 1999-11-12
S01E11 Rumpelstiltskin 1999-11-15
S01E12 Puss in Boots 1999-11-16
S01E13 Brother and Sister 1999-11-17
[ Season 2 ]
Number Title Aired On
S02E01 The Bremen Town Musicians 2000-07-05
S02E02 Little Red Riding Hood 2000-07-06
S02E03 Table Set Yourself 2000-07-07
S02E04 John the Faithful 2000-07-10
S02E05 The Crystal Ball 2000-07-11
S02E06 The Blue Light 2000-07-12
S02E07 Cinderella 2000-07-13
S02E08 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 2000-07-14
S02E09 Sleeping Beauty 2000-07-17
S02E10 The Six Swans 2000-07-18
S02E11 The Two Princess 2000-07-19
S02E12 The Frog Prince 2000-07-20
S02E13 The Goose Maiden 2000-07-21
S02E13 Face Off
S02E14 Natural Born Wesen
S02E15 Mr. Sandman
S02E16 Nameless
S02E17 One Angry Fuchsbau
S02E18 Volcanalis
S02E19 Endangered
S02E20 Kiss of the Muse
S02E21 The Waking Dead
[ Season 3 ]
Number Title Aired On
S03E01 Jack and the Beanstalk 2010-12-06
S03E02 Furry Critter 2010-12-07
S03E03 The Hare and Hedgehog 2010-12-08
S03E04 Old Sultan 2010-12-09
S03E05 Mother Holle 2010-12-10
S03E06 The Three Little Pigs 2010-12-11
S03E07 Four Skillful Brothers 2010-12-12
S03E08 The Magician's Feud 2010-12-13
S03E09 The Nightingale 2010-12-14
S03E10 The Beauty and the Beast 2010-12-15
S03E11 The Twelve Princess 2010-12-16
S03E12 Hans in Luck 2010-12-17
S03E13 Little Mook 2010-12-18
S03E14 Goldilocks and the Three Bears 2010-12-19
S03E15 Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp 2010-12-20
S03E16 Caliph Stork 2010-12-21
S03E17 The Drummer 2010-12-22
S03E18 Snow White and Rose Red 2010-12-23
S03E19 Bearskin 2010-12-24
S03E20 The Little Mermaid 2010-12-25
S03E21 Pinocchio 2010-12-26
S03E22 Iron John 2010-12-27
S03E23 Emperor in New Clothes 2010-12-28
S03E24 Jorinda and Joringel 2010-12-29
S03E25 The Singing, Soaring Lark 2010-12-30
S03E26 The Three Feathers 2010-12-31

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