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  • Your Japanese Kitchen (TV)
  • (2007)

Runtime: 30 min

Genre: Home and Garden

Status: Continuing

Overview: "Your Japanese Kitchen" is a new home and garden TV series that was released in 2007.

Japanese cuisine has taken the world by storm although most people may not believe they can prepare these feasts at home. Hesitate no longer! Your Japanese Kitchen provides many easy and fun recipes as well as practical tips for preparing Japanese dishes. Harumi Kurihara, or the "charisma housewife" as she is known in Japan, is our instructor. She shares her way of combining traditional Japanese cooking in today's world..

List of All Episodes
[ Season 2007 ]
Number Title Aired On
S2007E01 Mixed Rice with Soy Flavored Pork and Bamboo Shoot... 2007-04-02
S2007E02 Uramaki Zushi 2007-04-09
S2007E03 Miso Soup with Potato and Onion 2007-04-16
S2007E04 Eggplant Simmered in Miso Paste, Pork and Vegetabl... 2007-04-23
S2007E05 Gochiso Tofu, Avocado and Tofu Dip Sandwich 2007-04-30
S2007E06 Tofu Salad, Tofu Lasagna 2007-05-07
S2007E07 Ganmodoki, Shiraae 2007-05-14
S2007E08 Tofu Chanpuru, Kuzu Tofu 2007-05-21
S2007E09 Ginger Pork, Potato Salad 2007-05-28
S2007E10 Teriyaki Chicken, Potato Gratin 2007-06-04
S2007E11 Flaked Mackerel with Vegetables 2007-06-11
S2007E12 Salmon Chowder with Spinach 2007-06-18
S2007E13 Scallop Carpaccio 2007-06-25
S2007E14 Pork and Vegetable Roll Cutlets, Carrot and Tuna S... 2007-07-02
S2007E15 Simmered Red Sea Bream, Broccoli with Black Sesame... 2007-07-09
S2007E16 Deep Fried Vegetables in Mentsuyu, Cold Soba Noodl... 2007-07-16
S2007E17 Fried Chicken Thighs with Leek Sauce, Daikon Salad... 2007-07-23
S2007E18 Curried Rice with Eggplant, Hot Pickled Cauliflowe... 2007-07-30
S2007E19 Sauteed Marlin with Grain Mustard Sauce, Egg Drop ... 2007-08-06
S2007E20 Gyudon, Instant Japanese Pickles 2007-08-27
S2007E21 Pan Fried Noodles with Pork and Komatsuma, Easy Pi... 2007-09-03
S2007E22 Beef and Potato Croquettes, Coleslaw Salad 2007-09-10
S2007E23 Gyoza, Sauteed Japanese Leeks and Shiitake Mushroo... 2007-09-17
S2007E24 Sardines with Aromatic Vegetables, Pumpkin and Swe... 2007-09-24
S2007E25 Nikujaga, Nuta with Japanese Green Onion 2007-10-01
S2007E26 Okonomiyaki 2007-10-08
S2007E27 Chicken, Chinese Pickles and Leek Salad, Egg Soup,... 2007-10-15
S2007E28 Tsumire-Jiru 2007-10-22
S2007E29 Miso Flavored Ramen Noodles with Bean Sprouts, Boi... 2007-10-29
S2007E30 Sea Bream Marinated with Konbu, Sea Bream and Fres... 2007-11-05
S2007E31 Rare Beef Sushi, Rare Beef Salad 2007-11-12
S2007E32 Tonkatsu, Katsudon 2007-11-19
S2007E33 Salmon Burger, Salmon Patty on Rice with Teriyaki ... 2007-11-26
S2007E34 Gomoku-Mame, Spinach with Walnut Paste 2007-12-03
S2007E35 Mabo Dofu 2007-12-10
S2007E36 Microwaved Sekihan Azuki Beans and Rice, Simmered ... 2007-12-17
S2007E37 Zoni with Duck, Sesame Zoni with Komatuna Mustard ... 2007-12-24
[ Season 2008 ]
Number Title Aired On
S2008E01 Squid and Leek with Spicy Soy Sauce, Senmai-Zuke 2008-01-14
S2008E02 Sirloin Steak Marinated in Miso, Sauteed Green Pep... 2008-01-21
S2008E03 Chawanmushi, Steamed Rice with Pork and Vegetables 2008-01-28
S2008E04 Simmered Pork, Fried Chingensai Pak Choi 2008-02-04
S2008E05 Japanese Style Ankake Donburi 2008-02-11
S2008E06 Japanese Style Octopus Carpaccio, Crispy Chicken 2008-02-18
S2008E07 Egg and Crab Pancakes, Stir-fried String Beans and... 2008-02-25
S2008E08 Microwaved Boiled Pork, Red Cabbage and Mushroom S... 2008-03-03
S2008E09 Sardine Burger Steak, Sliced Asparagus Salad 2008-03-10
S2008E10 Minced Pork Cutlets, Snow Peas Dressed with Sesame 2008-03-17
S2008E11 Inari-Zushi 2008-03-24
S2008E12 Three-Color Rice Bowl 2008-03-31
S2008E13 Onigiri 2008-04-21
S2008E14 Fried Rice with Crabmeat 2008-05-12
S2008E15 Beginner's Edition: How to Make Dashi Stock 2008-05-26
S2008E16 Clear Soup with Vegetables and Mochi, Broccoli wit... 2008-06-02
S2008E17 Simmered Vegetables with Chicken Chikuzen Style 2008-06-30
S2008E18 Crab and Cream Croquettes,Pickled Celery and Carro... 2008-07-07
S2008E19 Chinese-style Dumplings with Shrimp, Sauteed Japan... 2008-07-14
S2008E20 Nikujaga Beef and Potato Stew, Nuta with Tuna and ... 2008-07-21
S2008E21 Tsukune with Teriyaki Sauce 2008-07-28
S2008E22 Simmered Mackerel in Miso, Watercress with Sanbaiz... 2008-08-04
S2008E23 Deep-fried Salmon Marinated in Nanbanzu, Japanese ... 2008-09-01
S2008E24 Futomaki Zushi 2008-09-08
S2008E25 Taro with Minced Chicken and Shrimp Soboro An, Spi... 2008-09-29
S2008E26 Eggplant Sable Fish Gratin with Miso Sauce, Fresh ... 2008-10-06
S2008E27 Sirloin Steak Marinated in Miso, Sautéed Green Pe... 2008-10-20
S2008E28 Steamed Crabmeat Dumplings 2008-10-27
S2008E29 One-Pot Duck 2008-11-24
S2008E30 Karaage Fried Chicken, Noodles with Shrimp and Veg... 2008-12-08
S2008E31 Fried Mackerel with Miso Sesame Sauce, Yuzu-flavor... 2008-12-15
S2008E32 Chicken Teriyaki Crepes 2008-12-22
[ Season 2009 ]
Number Title Aired On
S2009E01 Steamed Rice with Chicken and Vegetables, Steamed ... 2009-01-19
S2009E02 Rice with Oysters, Kenchin Soup 2009-01-26
S2009E03 Tofu with Salmon Tartar, Salmon Marinade on Sushi ... 2009-02-05
S2009E04 Sukiyaki on Rice, Spicy Bean Sprouts 2009-02-12
S2009E05 White Fish with Vegetable An, Kofukiimo Salty-Swee... 2009-03-05
S2009E06 Shimesaba Marinated Mackerel, Shimesaba in Sauce 2009-03-12
S2009E07 Avocado and Tofu Dip Sandwich, Potato Salad, Potat... 2009-03-30
S2009E08 Chirashi-Zushi 2009-04-06
S2009E09 Boiled Bamboo Shoot Ham and Leek with Milk, Sesam... 2009-04-20
S2009E10 Deep-fried Horse Mackerel, Pickled Carrot and Cele... 2009-05-04
S2009E11 Chicken and Egg on Rice, Red Miso Soup with Tofu a... 2009-04-18
S2009E12 Spaghetti Napolitana, Japanese-style Coleslaw 2009-06-15
S2009E13 Stewed Bonito, Squid with Vinegared Miso 2009-06-29
S2009E14 Daikon Salad with Scallops, Sirloin Steak Marinate... 2009-07-13
S2009E15 Aromatic Stewed Sablefish, Japanese-Style Hot and ... 2009-08-10
S2009E16 Ankake Donburi 2009-08-24
S2009E17 Udon with Curry Sauce, Jabara Cucumber Pickled wit... 2009-08-31
S2009E18 Mini Pancakes of Crab and Egg, Hot Pickled Caulifl... 2009-09-14
S2009E19 Karaage Chicken 2009-10-05
S2009E20 Salmon and Prawn Tsukune, Quick Pickled Cucumber 2009-10-12
S2009E21 White Rice, Miso Soup with Potato and Onion 2009-10-19
S2009E22 Green Beans with Sesame Dressing 2009-10-26
S2009E23 Red and Green Peppers Stuffed with Meat 2009-11-09
S2009E24 Macaroni Gratin 2009-11-23
S2009E25 Fried Noodles with Pork and Vegetables, Kikka Radi... 2009-12-14
S2009E26 Pork Ginger, Potato Salad 2009-12-21
[ Season 2010 ]
Number Title Aired On
S2010E01 Simmered Hijiki Seaweed and Soybeans, Miso Soup wi... 2010-01-18
S2010E02 Fried Chicken with Grated Daikon, Tosa Vinegar Fla... 2010-01-25
S2010E03 Simmered Potatoes and Sable fish with Sweet Soy Sa... 2010-02-08
S2010E04 Fried Eggplant with Garlic, Steamed Soft Egg Custa... 2010-02-22
S2010E05 Marinated Mackerel 2010-03-01
S2010E06 Simmered Pork with Carrot, Crab Meat and Chinese V... 2010-04-19
S2010E07 Fried Chicken with Leek Sauce, Miso Soup with Gri... 2010-05-17
S2010E08 Gyoza 2010-05-31
S2010E09 Japanese Leek Pancakes 2010-06-14
S2010E10 Rice with Black Beans, Home-Made Atsuage, Salty-Sw... 2010-06-28
S2010E11 Kushikatsu Japanese Deep-fried Skewers, Chinese Ve... 2010-07-12
S2010E12 Deep-fried Sesame Coated Meatball, Tuna and Vegeta... 2010-07-26
S2010E13 Daikon Pancakes 2010-08-02
S2010E14 Deep-fried Mackerel Tatsuta-style, Simmered Turnip... 2010-08-30
S2010E15 Rice with Sanma, Egg Drop Soup 2010-09-13
S2010E16 Ebikatsu Shrimp Cutlet 2010-09-27
S2010E17 Noodles with Meat and Miso Sauce, Daikon Pickled i... 2010-10-11
S2010E18 Ground Meat and Vegetable Curry, Sweet Pickled Cuc... 2010-10-25
S2010E19 Natto Miso Soup, Eggplant and Beef Simmered in Mis... 2010-12-06
[ Season 2011 ]
Number Title Aired On
S2011E01 Okonomiyaki (encore) 2011-01-03
S2011E02 Steamed Soft Egg Custard Soup & Fried Eggplant wit... 2011-01-10
S2011E03 Goya Chanpuru (Goya Stir-fry) 2011-01-17
S2011E04 Soki Soba (Okinawan Noodles with Spare Ribs) 2011-01-24
S2011E05 Wakame Salad with Cucumber and Crabmeat & Rafte(Si... 2011-01-31
S2011E06 Satsuma-age (Fried Fish Cakes) 2011-02-07
S2011E07 Karaage Chicken 2013-02-14
S2011E08 Miso Soup with Tofu and Abura-Age, Deep-Fried Salt... 2011-02-21
S2011E09 Miso Soup with Potato and Onion, White Rice 2011-02-28
S2011E10 Pork and Vegetable Rolls, Rice with Salmon and Cod... 2011-03-07
S2011E11 Beef Shabu-shabu Hot Pot 2011-05-02
S2011E12 Quick Pickled Cucumber, Salmon and Prawn Tsukune 2011-05-09
S2011E13 Uramaki - Zushi Inside-Out Sushi Rolls 2011-05-16
S2011E14 Pasta Salad, Chicken Nuggets 2011-05-23
S2011E15 Crab Meat and Chinese vermicelli Salad, Simmered P... 2011-05-30
S2011E16 Tofu Steak with Mushroom Sauce 2011-06-06
S2011E17 Barbecue with Harumi's Original Sauces 2011-06-13
S2011E18 Tomato Hot and Sour Soup, Quick Milk Bread 2011-06-20
S2011E19 Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake) 2011-06-27
S2011E20 Herb Chicken Donburi Style 2011-07-04
S2011E21 Miso soup with grilled eggplant and okra, Fried Ch... 2011-07-11
S2011E22 Tonjiru -Pork and Vegetable Miso Soup, Green Peas ... 2011-07-18
S2011E23 Gyoza (Chinese Dumplings) 2011-07-25
S2011E24 Japanese Leek Pancakes 2011-08-01
S2011E25 Simmered String Beans, Japanese-Style Mapo Tofu 2011-08-08
S2011E26 Home-Made Atsuage, Rice with Black Beans 2011-08-15
S2011E27 Chinese Vermicelli and Spinach Soup, Kushikatsu Ja... 2011-08-22
S2011E28 Sea Bream Soboro Bento 2011-08-29
S2011E29 Tuna and Vegetable Soup, Deep-fried Sesame Coated ... 2011-09-05
S2011E30 Kikka Turnips and Kikka Carrots, Wakame Udon Noodl... 2011-09-12
S2011E31 Daikon Pancakes 2011-09-19
S2011E32 Omuraisu (Japanese Style Rice Omelet) 2011-09-26
S2011E33 Simmered Turnips with White Miso Sauce, Deep-fried... 2011-10-03
S2011E34 Japanese-Style Curry and Rice 2011-10-10
S2011E35 Egg Drop Soup, Rice with Sanma 2011-10-14
S2011E36 Cucumber Uramaki Sushi / Tuna and Leek Uramaki Sus... 2011-10-24
S2011E37 Ebikatsu Shrimp 2011-10-31
S2011E38 Tofu with Ricotta Cheese, Grated Taro Soup 2011-11-07
S2011E39 Daikon Pickled in Shokoshu, Noodles with Meat and ... 2011-11-14
S2011E40 Soba Noodles with Leek, Yakibuta Quick Barbecued P... 2011-11-21
S2011E41 Sweet pickled cucumber, Ground meat and vegetable ... 2011-11-28
S2011E42 Daikon Peel Pickled in Soy Sauce, Buri Daikon 2011-12-05
S2011E43 Tsumire-jiru Soup 2011-12-12
S2011E44 Salmon and Potato Pancakes 2011-12-19
S2011E45 Kikka Turnips and Kikka Carrots, Wakame Udon Noodl...
[ Season 2012 ]
Number Title Aired On
S2012E01 Sweet Potato Rice, Simmered Sardines with Celery 2012-01-09
S2012E02 Eggplant and Beef in Miso, Natto Miso Soup 2012-01-16
S2012E03 Salmon Battera Pressed Sushi 2012-01-23
S2012E04 Goya Chanpuru (Goya Stir-fry) 2012-01-30
S2012E05 Oyster Hot Pot 2012-02-06
S2012E06 Soki Soba (Okinawan Noodles with Spare Ribs) 2012-02-13
S2012E07 Turnip and Basil Salad, Beef Mixed Sushi 2012-02-20
S2012E08 Wakame Salad with Cucumber and Crabmeat, Rafte (Si... 2012-02-27
S2012E09 Hiryozu Deep-fried Tofu Balls 2012-03-05
S2012E10 Satsuma-age (Fried Fish Cakes) 2012-03-12
S2012E11 Kakifurai Deep Fried Breaded Oysters 2012-03-19
S2012E12 Simmered String Beans, Japanese-Style Mapo Tofu 2012-03-26
S2012E13 Inside-out Sushi Rolls, Fluffy Pancakes, Teriyaki ... 2012-04-29
S2012E14 Almond Cookies, Deep-fried Mackerel Dumplings, Hac... 2012-09-01

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