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  • Zázrak
  • (2013)

Runtime: 78 min

Directed by: Juraj Lehotsky

Rating: 7.5

Genre: Drama

Status: Released

Overview: "Zázrak" is a new drama movie by Juraj Lehotsky that was released in 2013.

The story of a fifteen-year old girl who finds herself referred to a re-education centre as a result of her love affair. She is desperate to love but this is denied her. Despite all the restrictions imposed on her, she is determined to live her life to the full.

Best actors like Ela Lehotska, Katarína Feldeková, Michaela Bendulova and Robert Roth starred in Zázrak.

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Ela Lehotska
Ela Lehotska
as Main Warden
Katarína Feldeková
Katarína Feldeková
as Mother
Michaela Bendulova
Michaela Bendulova
as Ela
Robert Roth
Robert Roth
as Roby

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