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  • El centroforward murió al amanecer
  • (1961)

Runtime: N/A

Directed by: René Múgica

Rating: 8.0

Status: Released

Overview: "El centroforward murió al amanecer" is a new movie by René Múgica that was released in 1961.

A unique idea is pulled off in this amusing fantasy-drama with implications that lie beyond the story itself. Ably directed by René Mugica, the tale begins when a young soccer player is sold at auction and expects to end up on a major team. Instead, he discovers he has been acquired by a super-rich tycoon whose objective in life is to collect the best -- not art or stamps -- but people. The wealthy collector does not allow his "collection" to do anything, which amounts to imprisoning everyone in a golden cage. While the ballerina he has on file expresses her longing for her art by surreptitiously dancing in the rain, the soccer player has a much more aggressive game plan for getting out of this predicament..

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