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  • La luz prodigiosa
  • (2003)

Runtime: N/A

Directed by: Miguel Hermoso

Rating: 7.1

Status: Released

Overview: "La luz prodigiosa" is a new movie by Miguel Hermoso that was released in 2003.

Joaquin comes back to Granada in the eighties trying to find out about something happened when he was a child and the Spanish Civil War was going on. He helped an unknown man who survived after being executed. He finds the man, Galapago, who is now quite old, poor and with almost no memory. Joaquin takes care of him and finds hints that point to Galapago as Federico García Lorca.

Best actors like Alfredo Landa, José Luis Gómez, Kiti Manver and Nino Manfredi starred in La luz prodigiosa.

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Alfredo Landa
Alfredo Landa
José Luis Gómez
José Luis Gómez
Kiti Manver
Kiti Manver
Nino Manfredi
Nino Manfredi

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